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Neumann V402 & KM184 Microphone and Preamp Bundle - SPECIAL OFFER

by Neumann
£2,398.80 inc. vat
£1,999.00 ex. vat
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Neumann V402 & KM184 Bundle 

The Neumann V402 & KM184 stereo set bundle is perfect for those wanting to capture stereo, or dual mono sources in the highest possible quality. The V402 is a high-end microphone pre-amp that neither adds, nor detracts from the microphones sound image at any gain stage. This pre-amp perfectly compliments the slender shape and transmission characteristics of the KM184, making this setup ideal for recording a wide number of sources including acoustic guitar, orchestral performances and much more.

V402 Pre-amplifier

The Neumann V-402 is a high-end microphone preamp that features the latest in technological advancement, making it one of the top-performing preamps for Neumann and other high-quality studio microphones. Neumann microphones, current or vintage, have always been engineered for sonic perfection. The V 402 preamplifier is thus designed to preserve the integrity of the microphone’s sound image. At any gain setting, it neither adds or detracts. Perfection cannot be perfected!

KM184 Stereo Set

The Neumann KM 184 is a pencil condenser microphone in nickel with a cardioid polar pattern, it is the successor of the well proven KM 84, which has been used since the seventies worldwide with great success. The slender shape and transmission characteristics described below make the KM184 especially suitable for a very wide range of tasks in the radio and television sector. It is extremely quiet (16dB A-weighted self-noise), making it excellent for capturing the subtle nuances of acoustic guitar and orchestral performances.