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Primacoustic Iso Plane - Monitor Isolation Pad, 4 piece set (Horizontal)

£20.40 inc. vat
£17.00 ex. vat
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Primacoustic Iso Plane

The Primacoustic IsoPlane is a set of flat monitor isolation pads designed to decouple the sound from a loudspeaker, so that it will not resonate with the desk or shelf. This helps reduce an effect called comb-filtering that occurs when various frequencies add or cancel with each other when coupled.

The IsoPlane is flat allowing the you to select optimize your studio setup to your seating position using an adjustable speaker stand (not included). The IsoPlane is designed to be used in pairs and spaced under the monitor as a means to distribute the weight. The cost effective design makes them ideal for home studio use and other applications where vibrations are an issue and decoupling is required.

Pictured speaker NOT included.


  • Load limit: 20 kg
  • Material: High density polyurethane foam