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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £99 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

Prism ADA8XR16DA-PTHD - Audio Processor 16 ch D/A with PT HD I/O

by Prism
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Prism ADA8XR16DA-PTHD - Audio Processor 16 ch D/A with PT HD I/O

The Prism ADA-8XR is a multi-channel AD/DA converter that has modular design enabling it to be configured to suit a wide range of applications. The ADA 8XR can be configured as a 16 channel AD converter, a 16 Channel DA converter or an 8 channel AD/DA converter. It can also be a multi-channel FireWire interface, or an AES/EBU / AES3 / SPDIF Digital to Analogue or Analogue to Digital converter.

This unit is configured as a 16 Channel DA convertor, with the addition of the ProTools HD I/O module.

ProTools HD Module

The 8C-PTHD Pro Tools HD compatible interface Module provides eight channels of digital audio input and output for the ADA-8XR in a form compatible with Digidesign Pro Tools|HD workstations.

The Pro Tools HD I/O Module enables the ADA-8XR to replace a Digidesign 96 I/O or 192 I/O interface, providing superior audio performance and extra features.

To the Pro Tools|HD software, an ADA-8XR fitted with a Pro Tools HD I/O Module looks similar to a 192 I/O and operates in a similar way, supporting sample rates up to 192kHz.


The ADA-8XR is the audio industries converter of choice in the most exacting applications in music and sound recording, mastering, broadcast and post-production. Offering the cleanest and most transparent conversion available, the ADA-8XR has found a home in some of the most iconic recording facilities worldwide. Ideal for producers, engineers and songwriters wanting to produce the very best results when recording, tracking & overdubbing, mixing to stereo or surround, mastering and monitoring.

The ADA-8XR is perfect for recording vocal, single instruments, drums or orchestra and is just as much at home providing multiple outputs for external analogue summing. It is in use in the top studios around the world as well as being used in numerous film soundtracks.

Design Philosophy

The ADA-8XR takes the philosophy of the widely-acclaimed Prism Sound converter range a stage further: Now, the goals of ultimate sound quality, unbeatable performance and un-matched versatility have been realised in a modular multi-channel, 24-bit 192kHz-capable format. The ADA-8XR provides A/D and D/A conversion and the essential digital interfaces with a stereo monitor mix output in digital and analogue formats.

Clocking & synchronisation

Unlike most other converter systems, the ADA-8XR is ideal as a master clock for your entire system, whether running from its precision internal reference or from an external source. No external clock source can improve the performance or influence the sound of the ADA-8XR. In addition, the ADA-8XR can run in Pro Tools Loop Sync mode, or lock to AES3, AES11 or Wordclock. The ADA-8XR delivers your recordings with perfect transparency, whatever the setup.


Technical Specifications


  • Two-channel, analogue and digital outputs.
  • Analogue Outputs
    • Format: Electronically balanced, RCA/phono sockets
    • Output impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Headroom 0dBFS:=+15,+18,+21, or +24dBu
    • Absolute gain accuracy: +/-0.05dB
    • THD+N (997Hz, -1dBFS): -101dB (0.0009%)
    • Dynamic range (997Hz, -60dBFS): 105dB
    • Channel separation: 1kHz >120dB
  • Headphone Output
    • Format: 6.3mm stereo jack
    • Output impedance: 115 Ohm
    • Max Sensitivity: 4.7Vp-p
  • Digital Output
    • AES-ID / S/PDIF, 24bits


  • Multi-stage, auto-ranging PLL per Path
  • Ultra-high-precision mode: (+/- 0.15%)
  • Jitter rejection corner frequency: ~80Hz
  • Jitter rejection slope: 60dB / decade
  • Jitter attenuation: >60dB above 700Hz
  • High-precision mode: (+/- 6.0%)
  • Internal: 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz +/-25ppm
  • Each path can be separately synchronized. Path sampling rate can be frequency-locked to a different reference frequency, for example: 96kHz path locked to 48kHz Worldclock.