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Prism Lyra-1 Stereo USB2 Recording Interface, 1-ch mic pre, 1 x Instrument

by Prism
£1,846.68 inc. vat
£1,538.90 ex. vat
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Prism Lyra-1

The Prism Lyra-1 is a high-end USB2.0 audio interface featuring premium AD/DA, low-latency DSP driven monitoring, a dedicated headphone amp, one high-end microphone preamp and one high-impedance instrument input. The Lyra-1 was developed to bring Prism sound quality at a more accessible price point.

The Lyra-1 also features 2 channels of digital I/O in the form of S/PDIF on TOSLINK optical connectors. There are 2 channels of line out and a fonrt-panel master volume control.

The mic amps are software controlled and feature 1dB gain steps, switchable phantom powerm a 20dB pad and are the same as used in the Prism Orpheus interface. Both channels can be used as line inputs (on the rear of the unit), with Channel 1 also using the front panel instrument in, and Channel 2 using the mic input on the rear. 

The DSP driven mixer provides users with an ultra low-latency foldback allowing artists to perform without audible delays which can occur when monitoring the recording signal via the DAW.

The Prism Lyra-1 can be used with both Mac and PC.

Prism Lyra-1 Features

  • Class compliant (UAC2) USB 2.0 interface
  • ASIO and WDM drivers for Windows (32 and 64bit)
  • Native CORE AUDIO on Mac OS X
  • UAC2 operation on Linux (no control panel support)
  • Two Prism Sound premium-quality AD channels
    • One high-end integrated microphone preamps (typ. -130dBu EIN)
    • Microphone input has switchable phantom power and 20dB pad
    • One high-impedance front panel instrument input
    • Prism Sound "Overkillers" to gracefully control transient overloads
  • Two Prism Sound premium-quality DA channels, plus independent stereo headphone DA
    • Outputs selectable between workstation bus or Lyra mixer
    • New high-drive headphone output with front-panel volume control
  • Digital I/O
    • S/PDIF stereo on TOSLINK optical connectors
    • Built in high-quality sample rate conversion available on digital input
    • Prism Sound SNS noise shaping on digital outputs (4 curves)
  • Low-latency "console-quality" digital mixer for foldback monitoring
    • Fader, pan, cut, solo on every mixer channel
  • Front-panel master volume control, assignable to selected channels
  • State-of-the-art clock generation with proprietary hybrid 2-stage DPLL
  • Fully-floating (isolated) balanced architecture for optimum noise rejection