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Purple Audio Sweet Ten - 10 Slot 500-Series Rack

£1,040.06 inc. vat
£866.72 ex. vat
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Purple Audio Sweet Ten - 10 Slot 500-Series Rack

The Purple Audio Sweet Ten is a 10-slot 500-series chassis. Each slot benefits from two inputs and outputs per slot which lets you take advantage of various modules on the market that can accept a second signal.

An advanced switching power supply runs cool and exceeds current needs in the rack without generating and electrical hum.

Slot 9 can accommodate the Purple Audio Moiyn which is an eight channel summing amp. The Moiyn takes the audio from slots 1 - 8 and sums them into a stereo output. It even has a pair of balanced inputs to take the output from another Moiyn in a separate Sweet Ten for 16 channel summing.

Purple Audio Sweet Ten Features

  • 10 Slot 500 Module Rack
  • Internal 150K switching supply
  • +/- 16VDC 1.5A
  • +48VDC 150ma
  • Second Balanced Output Utilizing Edge Connector 3 & 6
  • Second Balanced Input Utilizing Edge Connector 7 & 9
  • Front Handles
  • Locking Female XLR connectors
  • Ninth slot capable of accepting the Purple Audio Moiyn (8x2) Mixer Module
  • No PSU noise in adjacent slots
  • Rear Ground connector
  • Capable of putting out the 500 module current spec 1.3A from 90VAC to 240VAC 50/60hz
  • CE, ROHS, & WEEE Marked