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Radial Engineering LX8-J - A +4dB Balanced Line Level version of OX8

£1,725.60 inc. vat
£1,438.00 ex. vat
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The Radial LX8 is a passive line level isolator designed specifically to manage balanced signals in professional audio systems. Applications include splitting a line level source between two destinations or simply isolating devices to eliminate the hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

  • 8-channel line level signal splitter & isolator
  • Up to +18dB signal handling without distortion
  • Jensen Transformers for optimal signal transfer
  • Equipped with D-Sub and screw-down connectors

The single rack space design begins with 100% passive circuit which means it does not require any powering whatsoever to make it work. Inside, each of the eight channels is equipped with a premium Jensen transformer that is able to withstand up to +20dB at all frequencies. Jensen transformers are legendary in their ability to withstand exceptional signal levels without distortion, group delay or introducing artefact while delivering pristine audio.

Input connections are provided with choice of 25 pin D-sub for easy installation using standard studio cables or with contractor-friendly screw-down Phoenix connectors for field termination. (Note: The cable terminal connectors are sold separately). Outputs are supplemented with front panel XLRs for easy integration in live touring systems. Each of the eight incoming signals are split between a direct out, a transformer isolated out and an auxiliary out with a front panel ground lift switch for both the isolated and auxiliary outputs. This enables multiple signal paths to be implemented without the usual noise that is often associated.

This makes the Radial LX8 the isolator for multi-channel balanced line level systems.