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Retro Instruments OP-6 - Portable Microphone Amplifier

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Retro Instruments OP-6 - Portable Microphone Amplifier

The OP-6 Portable Microphone Amplifier by Retro Instruments is a faithful recreation of the famed RCA OP-6 which has been a staple piece of equipment in many studio's for over 60 years due to it's impressive gain and thick, luscious tones.

When Phil Moore the founder of Retro Instruments set out to recreate the OP-6 it was so that the next generation of engineers could experience it. The Retro OP-6 is built off the sound of the original units but without the limitations that the vintage equipment had. The Retro OP-6 features better impedance matching and is capable of handling mics that require 48v phantom power aswell as having inputs for both mics and instruments.

Thanks to it's handle the Retro Instruments OP-6 is a piece of equipment that you can carry with you to every session instead of it being fixed into a rack.

Retro Instruments OP-6 Features:

  • Stepped gain control
  • Switchable Mic Impedance - /37/150/600
  • Over 80dB of gain
  • Phase Switching
  • 48V phantom power
  • Instrument input
  • 25db Pad
  • High Quality VU Meter
  • Output Attenuator Control
  • Improved Noise Performance
  • XLR Input/Output
  • Integral Tube Test Functions
  • Durable Hammer Tone Case Finish
  • Faceplate Holds true to original OP-6 design
  • 115/230 Operation 50/60 Cycles