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Free UK Mainland Delivery for Orders Over £99

Rockruepel Comp.Two (Version2) VariMu Tube Compressor

£5,196.00 inc. vat
£4,330.00 ex. vat
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Rockruepel comp.two - High End Tube Compressor

The Rockruepel comp.two continues the great reputation of the and opens the doors to many more users that seek a high end mixing compressor with a fantastic sound and design.

The comp.two is one of the fastest varimu tube compressors and designed to keep the integrity of your signal and yet attach a pleasant sound and compression.

The compressor is hand-built, all-tube, variable-mu stereo/dual mono and offers 3 low cut sidechain settings.

Rockruepel comp.two Specifications

  • Input Gain: -00 - +17 dB non stepped
  • Output Gain: -00 - +17 dB non stepped
  • Threshold: x non stepped
  • Attack: Stepped
  • Release: Stepped
  • Input Impedance: ~17 KOhms Output Impedance: ~600Ohms
  • Tubes: 2x 6n3  2x6cg7
  • Sidechain EQ: 6 dB/oct 54Hz, 74Hz, 110Hz
  • Amp Only mode , Dual Mono and Link Mode