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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £99 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

Royer SM-21 AxeMount Dual Microphone Mount

by Royer
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Royer SM-21

The Royer SM-21 is a dual microphone mount that designed to allow you to easily mic up a guitar cab using both a royer side address ribbon microphone and a SM57 dynamic mic. This mic clip is not limited to these microphones, with a 25mm width for the side address and 32mm width for the front address position there are plenty of other microphones compatible with this clip. The R-121/57-styled dynamic mic combo is legendary for capturing electric guitars. With the Axe Mount, using these two classic mics has never been easier, faster to set up, or more stable once they’re set up. You can also move the two mics from one cabinet to another effortlessly – it’s as easy as moving one mic stand.

The AxeMount microphone clip positions an R-121 right next to a 57-style dynamic mic, phase-aligned and ready to record for the ultimate electric guitar microphone package. A good starting point is positioning the clip so the dynamic mic is pointed at where the speaker dome meets the paper. The R-121 will be more on the dome. This is a classic position for these two mics.

The natural, full bodied sound of the R-121, blended to taste with the fist-forward pointedness of a 57-styled dynamic microphone, allows for phenomenal tailoring of recorded and live guitar tones. In the past, using these two mics required two mic stands, two clips, and time to get the mics lined up properly and in-phase with each other. The AxeMount does away with all that and makes the R-121/dynamic microphone method as easy as possible.