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Rycote 021509 - Windjammer WJ 9

by Rycote
£122.00 inc. vat
£101.67 ex. vat
SKU SRYC021509
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Windjammer WJ 9

The Windjammer WJ 9 by Rycote is a high quality synthetic fur-cover, which provides the highest possible protection against extreme wind-noise. This windjammer model is made for the Windshield 9, when using this Windjammer it can reduce wind noise by up to 50 dB, producing excellent standard audio recordings. Each Windjammer fits one size of windshield, and comes supplied in every Modular Windshield Kit. Windjammer is also available in sizes to fit Stereo Windshields, Softies & Baby Ballgags, please see their relevant product family for details.

The Windjammer is made from materials which are specially designed and manufactured for the purpose, and as a result has virtually no adverse effect on High-Frequency. To be totally effective it is important that the pile of the Windjammer remains in prime condition, so each is supplied with a fold flat hairbrush for ongoing maintenance.

Rycote 021509 - Windjammer WJ 9 Features

  • Specially designed for the purpose - Rycote's Windjammer® gives the most effective wind-noise protection available
  • Secure and snug fitting, using a draw-string and toggle


  • Finding the correct Windjammer will depend on your Windshield. Each Windjammer is designed to fit over it's corresponding Windshield, for example a Windjammer 1 will fit over a Windshield 1 etc.
  • Because the Windjammer is most effective when fitted tightly, their approximate length is 50mm longer than their corresponding Windshield.