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Rycote 104422 - 45/100 Large Diaphragm Mic Foam Single (AT2020/3

by Rycote
£21.60 inc. vat
£18.00 ex. vat
SKU SRYC104422
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Rycote 104422

The Rycote 104422 - 45/100 microphone Foams are slip-on foam windshields, designed to protect the microphone head against light wind and pop noise. Made of durable, high quality, open-cell acoustic foam, resistant to moisture and UV light, these windshields offer up to 10dB wind noise attenuation, whilst keeping high frequency loss to a minimum. The range includes windshields for use with small-diaphragm microphones including some lavalier types, reporter microphones, and some large-diaphragm studio types as well as shotgun microphones. All the shotgun Foams can be fitted with an additional Windjammer synthetic fur covers, for a further 12 dB wind noise attenuation. The Foams are available with and without Windjammer.

Foams are listed with details of the diameter and depth of the recess to take the microphone. The 'hole' size given is the range of microphone diameters that can be accommodated. The length given is the length of microphone that will be covered by the foam. A foam should be chosen which will cover both the end of the microphone and all of the slots or other apertures in the microphone body.

This Microphone foam fits the Audio Technica AT2020 microphone.