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Rycote 12cm Super-Softie Windshield featuring 3D-Tex (19/22) (033201)

by Rycote
£128.40 inc. vat
£107.00 ex. vat
SKU SRYC033201
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Rycote 12cm Super-Softie Windshield featuring 3D-Tex (19/22) (033201)

The Rycote 12cm Super-Softie slip on Windshield is manufactured from Rycote's new 3D-Tex open cell material which offers excellent acoustic transparency with superb noise attenuation. The 3D-Tex material is easily rinsed if covered in dust, and moisture can be squeezed out and shaken dry if it becomes wet without effecting its performance meaning it is a great choice for anybody who needs to record in a challenging environment.

Rycote 12cm Super-Softie Features:

  • Novel shape and 3D-Tex give greatly improved wind noise reduction compared to conventional “soft" windshields.
  • A true cavity design, with superb performance at extreme low frequencies (where wind noise is worst).
  • A rough-service windshield, robust enough for the most challenging news-gathering situations.
  • High immunity to rain-soaking, and maintains excellent acoustic transparency in almost all situations

Weight & Dimensions

  • Suitable for: Mics 19/22mm
  • Internal bore length: 120mm
  • Overall Length: 180mm
  • Min. Diameter: 70mm
  • Max. Diameter: 100mm
  • Net Weight: 89.0 gram

Microphone compatibility

  • Audio-Technica: AT 4073a (BP4073), AT 875 (AT875R), AT 877
  • DPA: 4017
  • Sennheiser: MKH 8060 + MZF + MZX + MZL
  • Sony: ECM 673, ECM 674, NEX-FS700RH, PXW-FS7/7K, PXW-X180, PMW-F5/55