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Rycote Kit 6 Full Windshield 6 Kit

by Rycote
£634.00 inc. vat
£528.33 ex. vat
SKU SRYC086006
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Rycote Windshield Kit5 - Includes: Medium Modular Suspension Mount, Windshield #4 and Windjammer #6 and EXT 2 (120mm)

The full windshield system is made up of the following elements:

  • Modular Suspension (shock mount)
  • Modular Windshield (windscreen, blimp or zeppelin)
  • Windjammer (furry cover)
  • EXT 2 (120mm)

Modular Suspension

The Modular Suspension is a four point elastic suspension, which completely supports the microphone in a cradle arrangement. The suspension can be used as it comes, with a microphone using a foam gag, or in conjunction with a Windshield & Windjammer.

Modular Windshield or Windscreen

Launched in March 2004 the Modular Windshield (zeppelin) is slid onto the Modular Suspension, and completely surrounds the microphone & its connector. It protects the microphone from the effects of wind, whilst causing the minimal effect to the sound.


Also launched with the new Modular Windshield system the Windjammer is designed to fit over the Windshield to provide the highest possible protection against extreme wind.