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Schertler ART48-LRMAST - Arthur Modular mixer Left / Right Master output

£298.80 inc. vat
£249.00 ex. vat
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Arthur Modular mixer Left / Right Master output

The Schertler L/R master channel is a CLASS-A output amp module for the Arthur Modular mixer. This channel comes with everything you would expect from a master L/R channel, the two robust and replaceable faders attenuate and amplify the signal in a smooth controllable manner so you won't accidentally adduct you master volume too much or too little.


The L /R master unit also has a single AUX send and FX return, enabling the connection of a reverb unit. Note: With larger mixers, the reverb / effects unit is probably connected to an additional stereo input unit, where frequency corrections and routings such as “reverb to monitors” can easily be set. This isn't possible in a basic “all through one L / R master unit” configuration.

The L/R master unit also features a switch (positioned on the circuit board) that deactivates the summing function of its AUX 1 section. Changing this switch from its default setting (AUX 1 on) to AUX 1 off means that AUX 1 on the L/R master unit stops running and the reverb unit “takes over” the AUX 1 signals from all channels. The summed AUX 1 signal from the reverb unit can however be picked up for external use. The mixer’s power supply is connected to the DC IN connector. From this 48 Volt DC input, all other units attached to the L/R master unit will also be served via this power supply. For more information on available power supplies, maximum unit numbers etc, please consult the manual.