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Schertler ART48-MICIN-ULNx8 - Arthur Modular mixer Microphone Input module - Ultra low noise module 8 modules pack

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Schertler Ultra low noise Microphone Input module

The Schertler Microphone Input Ultra Low Noise module pack contains eight units for the Arthur Modular mixer, these 8 units provides you with a high-end microphone preamplifier for microphones that have a weaker signal, specially designed for best possible sound reproduction. This set of eight modules allow you to record lard bands, multiple sources or try a variety of different microphones on the same sound source all at the same time Featuring an improved Signal to Noise Ratio, with 4dB less noise, this mic input module adds further flexibility to the Arthur mixer.

The XLR input (MIC IN) can receive balanced signals from -63 dBu to +18 dBu. The GAIN knob will amplify a weak signal to a nominal level of 0dBV, or attenuate a stronger signal, so that a nominal signal of 0dB is always present at the output of the mic input amp. This Module provides you with everything you would expect on a mic in channel such as low, mid and high EQ, HPF and Aux sends.


Input Impedance: 4.7kohm
Maximum input level:
+4dBu (@1kHz ; THD <0.5%) (MIC MODE)
+26dBu (@1kHz ; THD <0.5%) (LINE MODE)
Maximum output level (trough L/R): +27dBu (@1kHz ; THD <0.5%)
Gain range:
18 to 63dB (MIC MODE)
-9 to 20dB (LINE MODE)
Total Gain (trough L/R): 72 dB
Frequency response: (-3dB) 16Hz to 125 kHz
Low cut: (-3dB) 100 Hz (Shelving, 2nd order)
Reson attenuation: 10dB @ 150 Hz / 240 Hz
Low EQ: 460 Hz (Shelving) -20dB / +15dB
Parametric Mid EQ: 250 Hz – 3 kHz -15dB / +15dB
High EQ: 1.2 kHz (Shelving) -12dB / +12dB
Equivalent input noise (EIN): 128,7dB (Insert, 60dB Gain, 150ohm) (ULN model)
Distortion (THD+N; @1kHz):
-30dBu input level: 0.13% (2nd harmonic) 0.06% (3rd harmonic)
0dBu output level: 0.015% (4th harmonic), 0.008% (5th harmonic)
Power consumption: 4W (80mA)
Size & Weight: 36x58x475mm ; 0,5 kg