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Schertler ART48-STEREOINx4 - Arthur Modular mixer Stereo Input module - 4 modules pack

£1,135.20 inc. vat
£946.00 ex. vat
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Arthur Modular mixer Stereo Input module

This Schertler Arthur Stereo Input Module four pack is a Class-A set of stereo input channels designed to receive signals from various sources such as effect unites CD player preamps and more, providing they generate a 0 dBV signal. With aux sends, PFL, Mono listening and L/R volume faders this channel strip gives you everything you need for a professional stereo input, making it perfect for street performers, DJ and more.


Input section: The unit has two (left and right) fully balanced input connectors, which use space-saving stereo phone plugs. Connecting an unbalanced music signal, e.g. from a keyboard, via a simple guitar jack, is also possible. An unbalanced signal from a HiFi device such as a CD player can also be connected using two RCA connectors.

Although the stereo line input unit is intended for nominal line level signals, the input amp’s sensitivity can be adjusted, from -12 dB to +25 dB, using the GAIN knobs. Left and right channels can be separately adjusted. Depressing the UNITY button sets the gain to 1, allowing the signal to pass (without amplification or attenuation) independently from the Gain knob setting.

LOW and HIGH Filters: Line signals don’t usually need strong shaping, but some small correction of higher and lower frequencies can be useful. Both channels are affected simultaneously.

The CHANNEL ON button connects or disconnects the output routing for all outputs (AUX 1, AUX 2, AUX 3 and L/R), except the PFL routing. Similar to the MUTE button on other mixers, its functionality is however reversed: When the CHANNEL ON button is depressed, all outputs are connected. Also, whereas a MUTE normally only disconnects the L/R routing (the channel’s fader), this unit’s CHANNEL ON button affects all outputs.


  • Input Impedance: 20 kohm (UNBALANCED), 40 kohm (BALANCED)
  • Maximum input level: +28dBu (THD <0.5%)
  • Gain range: -12 dB to +25dB
  • Frequency response: (-3dB) 10Hz to 45 kHz
  • Low EQ: 500 Hz (Shelving) -13dB / +13dB
  • Hi EQ: 1.2 kHz (Shelving) -13dB / +14dB
  • Power consumption: 5W (105mA)
  • Size & Weight: 36x58x475mm ; 0,5 kg
  • Price for 4 Stereo input channels