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Schoeps MK2Hg Free Field Omni Capsule for Collette Series Preamplifiers

by Schoeps
£741.60 inc. vat
£618.00 ex. vat
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Even from its appearance alone, this microphone type distinguishes itself from the other SCHOEPS pressure transducers: the typical grill is absent, and the sound inlet (surrounded by a gold-plated ring) is smaller than that of other types. These special design features lead to a frequency response that rises only above 6 kHz.

This microphone type would be used in the near field only if a slight high-frequency emphasis were desired. It resembles the MK 2S/ CCM 2S, though the high-frequency emphasis of the MK 2H/ CCM 2H is audibly less pronounced and begins around an octave higher. The primary application for this capsule is at a greater distance from the sound source, e.g. near the reverberation radius, when recording a large orchestra.

This microphone type is particularly designed for the recording of classical music, a field in which it is highly acclaimed. The choice between the MK 2H/ CCM 2H and the equally well liked MK 2S/ CCM 2S is essentially a matter of personal preference

Surface finish : matte gray (g) or nickel (ni)

MK2Hg Features

  • omnidirectional pattern
  • flat frequency response
  • corrected for the free (near) sound field
  • for use close to the sound source (frontal sound incidence)