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SE Electronics Guitar Reflexion Filter

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SE Electronics Guitar Reflexion Filter

The SE Electronics Guitar Reflexion Filter makes sure that your guitar amp sounds exactly like you want it to. The GuitaRF is a combination of a reflection filter, isolator, microphone stand, and positioning hardware for your favourite condenser or ribbon microphone, as well as for your dynamic or small-diaphragm mic. All of these functions are joined together into one device. It's the first reflection filter that's been specifically designed for double miking and recording guitar amplifiers.

The mounting hardware can be adjusted in three different ways: vertical, horizontal and lateral. This way, you'll always find the perfect spot for any type of microphone, whether it's fitted to a shock mount or to a standard microphone clip. The filter and microphone assembly can also be moved up and down. If it's necessary, you can even remove the entire filter from its base and mount it on a different mic stand.

Acoustically, the GuitaRF is very similar to the popular RF-X: four-layer acoustic filter design, high-quality acoustic wool, an air gap for low-frequency isolation, and a layer of acoustic foam. The GuitaRF holds your microphones perfectly and helps you achieve the exact sound you're looking for.

SE Electronics Guitar Reflexion Filter Features:

  • An amazing and affordable way to get iso booth acoustics when miking your guitar cab
  • sE's patented acoustic filter technology cuts down room reflections for added isolation
  • Dual mic mounting lets you mount a condenser or ribbon mic as well as an instrument mic
  • Special base and height adjustment lets you center the filter on the sweet spot of your cab
  • Fine adjustments make it easy to mic the speakers how you like and maintain phase coherency