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Sequential Oberheim TEO-5 Keyboard - 5 Voice VCO/VCF-based Polyphonic Analogue Synthesiser

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Sequential Oberheim TEO-5 Keyboard - 5 Voice VCO/VCF-based Polyphonic Analogue Synthesiser

The Oberheim Legacy is Yours: Enter TEO-5
Thomas Elroy Oberheim. TEO. More than his initials, they mark the culmination of a synth pioneer's vision. TEO-5 is a modern instrument, crafted with classic analog soul, yet sleek and powerful for today's sonic journeys.

Welcome to the Oberheim Renaissance
TEO-5 captures the secrets of the OB-X, Four Voice, and TVS, their legendary spirit distilled into a compact, affordable dream machine. It's what Tom, the maestro himself, always wanted to build: a timeless tone palette, unleashed and accessible.

Step Up to TEO-5
Take your music to the next level with genuine analog VCOs and VCFs. TEO's five inspiring voices sing with the warmth and power of pure triangle, sawtooth and pulse waves. But this isn't your grandfather's synth. Updated oscillators roar with analog through-zero FM, birthing textures never heard before. It’s organic and raw, ready to be sculpted with the legendary SEM filter, the heart of Oberheim that beats in countless hit songs over the last five decades.

Modern Mastery Meets Vintage Magic
Dive into TEO-5's spot-on OB-8 envelope emulations, among the multitudes of modulations shaping your sounds with pinpoint precision. Then, unleash the dual digital effects, letting chorus, delay, and reverb paint your sonic canvas. And for a taste of true Oberheim alchemy, dial in emulations of Tom's legendary Phase Shifter and Ring Modulator, conjuring swirling textures and metallic resonances straight from the golden age of synthesis.

Creative and Inspiring
It's not just a synth, it's a playground. TEO-5's 64-step polyphonic sequencer sparks infinite melodic possibilities, while the multimode arpeggiator keeps your rhythms pulsing and pounding. Or play it live with the premium Fatar keybed, every note awash with responsive joy. From soaring leads to cascading chords and thunderous bass, TEO-5 will elevate every aspect of your musical performance.

From studio to stage, TEO-5 is your sonic passport. A gateway to the Oberheim legacy and priced to unleash your own. Whether you're a seasoned pro seeking a compact powerhouse, or a new artist embarking on your analog adventure, TEO-5 beckons.

It's Tom Oberheim's dream, realized. It's your sonic legacy, waiting to be written.

Step up to TEO-5.

Sequential Oberheim TEO-5 Features:

  • 5-Voice VCO/VCF-based polysynth
  • 2 VCOs and sub-oscillator per voice
  • Simultaneously selectable waveshape for each oscillator: triangle, saw, variable pulse
  • Dedicated front-panel X-Mod control for through-zero FM
  • Classic SEM state variable filter with lowpass, highpass, notch and selectable bandpass mode
  • 2 freely assignable LFOs with triangle, saw, reverse saw, square, and stepped random shapes
  • 2 freely assignable DADSR envelopes with optional velocity modulation
  • Vintage knob introduces organic inconsistencies per voice
  • Multimode arpeggiator and 64-step polyphonic sequencer with ties and rests
  • Overdrive control
  • Two digital effect generators: one dedicated reverb and one multi-effect