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Shure PGA Drumkit6 - 6 Piece drum mic kit

by Shure
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Shure PGA Drumkit6 - 6 Piece Drum Mic Kit

The Shure PGA Drumkit 6 is a 6 piece drum microphone kit featuring the PGA52 bass drum microphone, 2x PGA56 snare and tom microphones, PGA57 snare drum microphone and 2x PGA81 overhead condenser microphones.

Shure PGA52

The Shure PGA52 is a dynamic microphone featuring a cardioid capsule that has been designed to deliver clarity in kick drum and low-frequency performance applications. The Shure PGA52 sounds great on kick drums and is also great for micing bass guitar cabinets.

Shure PGA56

The Shure PGA56 is a professional dynamic microphone that has designed for snare and tom micing applications. The microphone features a quick-release latch similar to those found on a bicycle that allows the head of the mic to swivel. The PGA56's cardioid polar pattern makes it a great choice for close micing drums due to its off-axis rejection.

Shure PGA57

The Shure PGA57 is a new cardioid dynamic microphone that has been designed to clearly reproduce amplified instruments and acoustic drum performance both live and in the recording studio. The PGA57 microphone has a black metallic finish and grill that offers an unobtrusive visual presence and the tailored dynamic cartridge gives amazing feedback rejection and excellent SPL handling.

Shure PGA81

The Shure PGA81 is a cardioid condenser micropnone that is ideal for use in sensitive acoustic instrument performance and recording. The PGA81 has a flat frequency response cardioid cartridge that makes it perfect for capturing a clear representation of a sound source.