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Sonifex AVN-TB20AR - 20 Button Talkback Intercom Advanced, Rackmount

by Sonifex
£3,299.94 inc. vat
£2,749.95 ex. vat
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Sonifex AVN-TB20AR

The Sonifex AVN-TB20AR is a 20 button rackmount Talkback Intercom. This advanced talkback/listening/paging intercom allows voice/audio communication between different areas in a facility or building complex. Each AVN-TB talkback unit has a built-in webserver for setup and configuration. The webserver is responsive, and resizes depending on the size of your screen, meaning that it can be used on large monitors or small handheld devices such as smart-phones. Help information is shown on the right hand side of the screen so it’s a good place to go to find out how the unit operates.

Sonifex AVN-TB20AR Features

  • 20 illuminated key-cap Talk buttons plus Listen & Page buttons.
  • Phone button for remote dialling and control of an external telephone hybrid.
  • Page button and Group Talk facilities.
  • Callback button with callback source display.
  • Three user definable buttons.
  • Speaker & microphone mute buttons.
  • Mic & headset inputs (front & rear panel headset connection), headphone & speaker outputs.
  • Front panel volume control which operates on speaker/headphone outputs and incoming source levels.
  • +48V phantom power for the mic inputs.
  • Ethernet webserver and front panel control & configuration.
  • Front panel display providing source & destination information.
  • Sources from AoIP, 1 x balanced, 2 x unbalanced or S/PDIF digital inputs.
  • Destinations to AoIP or rear panel balanced & unbalanced outputs.
  • Advanced echo cancellation & mic AGC to prevent acoustic feedback.
  • Dual 1Gb lan ports & 1Gb SFP fibre port.
  • 10 user assignable GPIO ports.
  • GPI/O button for triggering external events, via physical GPIO or network commands.
  • Front panel LEDs for network audio presence, Talk activity, AGC activity, clock sync and power supply activity.
  • Two front panel monitor buttons for routing audio directly to the speaker e.g. to take an IFB feed or off-air transmission signal.
  • Ducking or mixing of inputs to speaker/headphones.
  • Dual AC & DC power supply inputs.


  • Open Standards: RAVENNA, AES67
  • Device Discovery: Bonjour (mDNS / DNS-SD)
  • Audio Delivery: RTP/UDP over IPv4 multicast
  • QoS: DiffServ
  • Stream Management: RTSP/SDP
  • Control: Ember+/webserver
  • Format: Linear PCM 24-bit (L24)
  • Channels Per Stream: 2
  • Frames Per Packet: 48
  • Maximum Streams: RX 25, TX 5 (fixed)
  • Sample Rate: 48 kHz