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SoundToys Tremolator 5 - Tremolo Plug-In

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£91.65 ex. vat
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SoundToys Tremolator 5

The SoundToys Tremolator 5 is a tremolo plug-in that provides you with an Analog guitar tremolo effects and beyond with beat-synced rhythmic chopping. remolator emulates the tremolo effect of classic hardware like the old Fender Vibrolux guitar amp, and even the great tremolo sound of the Wurlitzer electric piano.

SoundToys added dynamic control of speed and depth that lets the tremolo respond to the music, and then tossed in MIDI sync to lock to your tremolo to tempo. SoundToys also included our programmable Rhythm Editor that let’s you write custom patterns and turn Tremolator into a outrageous rhythmic auto-gate. Vintage guitar effect and modern remix tool at your service.