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Spottune Sub (Subwoofer) - Grey

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Spottune Sub (Subwoofer) - Grey

The Spottune Sub is a wireless, closed box, 10" subwoofer designed to be used in combination with Spottune Omni speakers. The Spot tune Sub features a 10 inch driver delivering low end frequencies from 20Hz to 200Hz. The Sub can be placed on the floor, ceiling or wall mounted and is wirelessly connected to the Spottune STREAM.

With the Spottune STREAM, setting up your Spottune system is quick and simple. STREAM allows users to control their entire Spot tune system from one place. Users are able to select from number of inputs; aux, USB, microphone and also from Spottune Enterprise Cloud. From the STREAM, music is transmitted to up to 2 music zones with it’s Audio-broadCasting-Digital – Technology, and broadcasts the audio wirelessly to all the speakers.


    • Wireless Smart Subwoofer
    • 200 Watt high efficiency digital Class-D power amplification
    • 10 Inch (250 mm) long stroke driver with extended linear excursion.
    • Closed box design for optimum performance and extended low-frequency performance.
  • Frequency
    • Audio frequency range 20-200Hz
    • Cutoff variable Low pass Digital filters:
    • 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 and 200Hz
  • Amplification
    • ~200W digital class D amplifier Max SPL 100dB
  • Wireless Features
    • Audio-BroadCasting-Digital – Technology RF-Band 1.8 –1.9 GHz
    • Range up to 50-100m (Condition dependent)
  • Controls
    • Wireless input
    • Volume, Zone 1 & 2
    • AUX input
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 200 mm
    • Width: 360 mm
    • Length: 540 mm
  • Weight
    • 12 Kg
  • Standby power consumption
    • 1.4 W (Limitation 2W)