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Studiocare Klotz & Neutrik Dual Insert Loom - 2 x TRS Jack to 4 TS Mono Jacks

£56.28 inc. vat
£46.90 ex. vat
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Studiocare - 2 x TRS Jack to 4 x TS Jack

This professionally handwired insert loom allows connection to 2 insert points - commonly found on mixing consoles and channel strip units. The loom is wired as standard with the Tip of the TRS as the send and the return signal wired to the Ring of the TRS.

We know there are some manufaturers that use the opposite wiring standard so please click the checkbox if you wish this wiring to be reversed.

Assembled with Neutrik X Series Jack plugs and Klotz PW04X to a professional standard, this cable offers a neat, simple and durable solution.