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TL Audio C1 Classic - Dual Channel Valve Amp and Compressor - Used

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TL Audio C1 Classic - Dual Channel Valve Amp and Compressor - Used

The Tl Audio C1 Classic is a dual channel hybrid valve/solid state amp and compressor. The unit can be used as either a dual mono or stereo compressor, with channel ones controls being used in stereo mode. The compressor is simple to operate and easy to achieve great results with, imparting very pleasing character due to the valve circuitry in the amplification stage.

  • Condition: Good - Some scratches and marks from racking. Please see images.
  • Accessories: Power Cable

This is a used item. The unit is in good condition for its age but has some scratches and marks. Please see images.

Each channel of C1 Classic features a balanced XLR input for mic and line level signals, as well as un-balanced line-level sockets on jacks. The microphone input can be supplied with 48V phantom power via the input selector on the front panel. 

Each channel has its own set of controls, although in stereo mode the threshold, ratio, attack and release of both channels is derived from channel one's controls. Starting at the left, the first rotary switch selects microphone with phantom power, microphone without phantom, line, or auxiliary input (ie. the front‑panel keyboard/guitar input). A red LED illuminates when the phantom‑powered mic input is selected. An easily missed black button below the input selector introduces a 90Hz high‑pass filter — a useful facility, but one which I believe really should have had an LED associated with it.

A blue‑capped knob sets the input gain for the selected input across a range from +60 to ‑16dB (with a centre detent at zero), and four grey‑capped controls adjust threshold (+20 to ‑20dBu), ratio (1.5:1 to 30:1), attack and release. The last two controls are calibrated simply between slow and fast, although the time constants also have a degree of automatic programme‑dependent adjustment. For the record, though, the attack control ranges between 0.5 to 50mS and release from 40mS to 4 seconds.