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Triad Orbit ADR System

£672.00 inc. vat
£560.00 ex. vat
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Triad Orbit ADR System

One mic stand, three boom arms, and all the monitor and mic placement options you need — the Triad-Orbit ADR System has your ADR covered! The IO-C and IO-VM combination means you can easily mount a monitor in the suitable position. The Orbit O2X dual-arm orbital boom makes recording two actors easy. When you add a couple of Micro 2/M2 orbital mic adapters to the ends, it doesn't matter if you're using pencil condensers or heavy side-address ribbons, you'll get perfect mic placement every time. All this fits on a single Triad T3 tall stand, which means you can comfortably set the mics in the middle of actors, without crowding them.

Triad Orbit ADR System Components

  • T3 tall (31.5"-78.5") stand
  • O2X dual (20.5"-29.25"/arm) orbital boom
  • IO-C precision clamp
  • OA orbital boom with IO quick change boom arms
  • IO-VM v2 VESA Mount adapter
  • 2 Micro M2 short-stem orbital mic adapters

Triad Orbit ADR System Specification

  • Height: 31"-78.5"
  • Base Type: Tripod
  • Tube Materials: Steel
  • Weight: 25.5 lbs.