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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £50 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box

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Universal Audio OX

The Universal Audio OX is a premium, class-leading reactive load box and guitar recording system. Crank your amp to get the desired tone, let the UA OX take the load before feeding your speaker with an attenuated signal to get the desired amount of drive without the loud volume normally required. Furthermore, you can use the OX to record direct to your DAW thanks to Universal Audio Dynamic Speaker Modelling you can accurately emulate speaker drive, breakup, and cone cry — making it the world’s finest speaker attenuator and guitar amp recording solution.

The Universal Audio OX givies you perfectly studio-miked amp sounds from your favorite tube amp. OX lets you play and record your amp in its sweet spots — from huge clean tones and edge-of-breakup to fully cranked — at any volume level, and with mic, room, and speaker cabinet emulations at the turn of a knob.

*Pictured iPad NOT included

With the UA Ox you can:

  • Play and record your tube amp in its tonal sweet spot — anywhere, at any volume, with full dynamics 
  • Get stunning mic and guitar cabinet combinations at the turn of a RIG knob — no miking required 
  • Audition, tweak, and save more than 100 custom Rigs from a compatible iPad or Mac
  • Get authentic "edge of destruction" sounds, complete with UA Dynamic Room Modeling, speaker breakup, and cone cry

The World’s Best Reactive Load Box
With decades of analog hardware engineering expertise, Universal Audio’s dream team of engineers set out to design a reactive load box that retains the tone, dynamics, and feel of your tube amp — no matter how much it’s attenuated. The goal was for your tube amp to "see" OX as an actual speaker — with continuously variable impedance and response — so you don’t lose a drop of tone or playing dynamics.

A Complete Guitar Recording System
OX’s front-panel, six-position RIG control allows you to quickly choose from complete setups — including emulated speaker cabinets, close mics, ambient room mics, and up to four simultaneous studio effects. OX is also the only guitar recording system to offer a complete selection of expertly placed room mics, giving you the authentic experience of pushing air while recording your cranked amp in a world-class tracking room.

How Does It Work?
The Ox works first by allowing you to crank your tube amp into the sweet spot that delivers the saturated overdrive we all love, without being obnoxiously loud. So for live sound you can get a consistent tone in every venue without the amp being too loud (or too quiet if you're playing stadiums). For studio use the Ox offers speaker modelling that far surpasses simple static impulse responses.

Amp Companion

If you're already rocking an amp modeller like a Kemper the Ox actually makes a great companion. High end amp modelling with the best cab modelling to go with it, total control and uncompromising tone.

A Beautiful Software App
Most guitar products do digital awkwardly. They’re ugly and hard to understand. The OX software app, on the other hand, offers slick, intuitive control over all of OX’s RIG settings via Wi-Fi — letting you tweak, store and recall hundreds of presets from your iPad or Mac. You can then save your six favorite tones onto OX’s front-panel RIG knob for instant recall in the studio or at a gig.

All The Right Connections
Not only does OX Amp Top Box feature a front-panel headphone jack for silent practice with your cranked tube amp, it also sports a bevy of connections for all kinds of recording and live workflows. Stereo S/PDIF digital outputs via RCA and optical TOSLINK, as well as balanced TRS stereo line outputs with front panel level control, give you the necessary connections for studio monitors, DAW, or live mixing console inputs.

Universal Audio OX Features

  • Premium, no-compromise analog reactive load box and guitar recording system for tube guitar amps
  • Instant album-quality mic and speaker cabinet tones via front-panel RIG control
  • Get record-ready sounds quickly with expertly-placed virtual mics and cabs — no amp miking required
  • Five finely-tuned guitar amp attenuation levels, from completely silent to whisper quiet to full band volume
  • UA Dynamic Speaker Modeling emulates speaker drive, breakup and cone cry
  • World-class Universal Audio EQ, compression, delay, and reverb effects built-in
  • Selectable 4, 8, and 16-ohm operation 
  • Front-panel Headphone out for silent practice with cranked tones
  • Balanced TRS line outs and S/PDIF digital outs for stereo recording
  • Pair with the OX mobile or desktop app over Wi-Fi for editing and saving RIG presets