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Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Core Pak

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Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Core Pak

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad enables you to run the best sounding authentic plugin emulations on the most powerful DSP platform available. The UAD-2 delivers all the sound and channel counts of large-format analog consoles plus all the authentic tone of classic outboard FX inside the box. You can Track, Mix and Master to the next power, at sample rates from 44.1 to 192kHz.

The UA Powered Plug-Ins Collection brings the most sonically revered processors form the past 50 years of audio to your computer including vintage equalizers and compressors, superior precision mastering tools, lush reverbs and officially licensed classic hardware emulations from Neve, Roland, SPL and more. The UAD-2 comes with the MixEssentials II Plugin Bundle, valued at $300.

The UAD-2 Quad seamlessly works alongside up to 4 UAD-1s (this means you can keep your old cards as well), but also allows any 4 UAD-2 PCIe DSP accelerator cards to be mixed and matched to conveniently scale the DSP power you want at the price you can afford. Simply add more cards for additional outboard FX or more mix channels as your needs grow. Pro power-users can now use up to four UAD-2 Quads for the most demanding applications with equivalent potency to 40 UAD-1 cards!

UAD-2 includes an all-new unified Meter and Control Panel for UAD-1 and UAD-2. The new Meter/Control Panel design offers improved status monitoring, easy Quick Plug-Buy and Software Update.

There's also improved rollover help and a new streamlined web shopping experience and completely re-designed UA website with integrated A/V Demos, tutorials, in-depth webzine articles, FAQ's and enhanced support so you can really get the most out of your UAD-2. You can use up to 4 UAD-1's and 4 UAD-2's in one system using the same software license.

The LiveTrack mode reduces latency on an active UAD-2 plug-in to the lowest possible amount. This feature is highly useful for monitoring processed audio when recording live performances. In LiveTrack Mode, UAD-2 signal data is transferred and processed "immediately" instead of being buffered, resulting in reduced latency. NOTE: When LiveTrack is active, host CPU loading increases. LiveTrack does not reduce the latency of your Audio Interface.

Each UAD-2 Quad is powered by four Analog Devices 21369 SHARC floating-point DSPs. UAD-2 adds the real magic of analog to your in-the-box mixes using UAi - UA's unique modeling technology.

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Features

  • The best sounding plugins on the most powerful DSP platform
  • 5X processing power of UAD-1 on a single PCI Express card
  • Included plugins: UA1176SE Compressor/Limiter, Pultec EQP-1A equalizer, RealVerb Pro, CS-1 Channel Strip
  • $50 UAD voucher included
  • VST and AU support, cross platform Mac OS X Leopard/Tiger, Win XP/Vista (NOTE: RTAS support to follow in a future 5.x release)
  • Easily Expandable DSP - Use up to 4 UAD-1 & 4 UAD-2 cards in one system
  • LiveTrack (low-latency track/monitor mode)
  • L.O.D.E (Live Optimizing DSP Engine): Load balancing for multiple cards including the UAD1
  • SessionMap (bi-directional UAD-1<>UAD-2 session compatibility & DSP manager)
  • Multicore-Aware Drivers
  • Control panel now offers improved status monitor, software updates and more
  • Flexible SHARC DSP architecture
  • 32bit floating point DSP designed for pro audio
  • UAD-2 individual plug-in instances per DSP chip vary from 1.5x to 5x that of UAD-1e, with the average session being around 2.5x.