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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £99 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

Wunder Audio CM67 S - Tube Microphone

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Wunder Audio CM67 S - Tube Microphone

The Wunder Audio CM67 S is a large diaphragm, mulit-pattern tube condenser microphone. The CM67 Suprema excels in multiple areas such as vocals, drums, acoustic guitar with a warm and silky sound similar to that prized in the original U67 microphones.

The CM67 S is a serious pro-studio workhorse because it has a very nice top and bottom end, and brings out a natural sound from any source. This mic is true to a vintage U67 with a modern upgrade, it has been engineered with a switchable cardioid mode relay on the inside of the mic instead of on the outside of the grille. This mode produces a smoother more full-bodied sound. The pattern switch is still on the PSU, but the actual switch point in the circuit is directly below the capsule compartment. At the same time, it retains the eight different polar patterns found in a vintage M49, so it is like having two mics in one!



  • The K67 capsule in the CM67 S includes a two-piece back plate, allowing both diaphragms to be tuned individually and then matched for an equivalent response.


  • The CM67 Suprema gives you a choice of one of two new old stock EF86 tubes that are excellent in this mic, both are fantastic and both are unique in their own way:
    • One is the German made vintage Telefunken EF86, which emphasizes the highs.
    • The other is a vintage special select Phillips tube, which lends warmth to the sound.


  • The transformer in the CM67 Suprema is true to vintage and is somewhat unique. It makes use of an elaborate feedback network known as a tertiary winding, which creates negative feedback through the capsule to the tube for High-Frequency de-emphasis


  • We've optimized our passive components to achieve a true audiophile performance. While audiophile equipment is usually referred to at the end of the chain in recording, we feel that it is most important that the first link in the recording chain, the microphone, be the best attainable