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XTA DP446 Matrixing audio processors. 4 In, 6 Out

by XTA
£2,460.00 inc. vat
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XTA DP446 Matrixing audio processors. 4 In, 6 Out

Based on the world-renowned DP226, the XTA DP446 signal processor use high-performance 24bit converters on all inputs and outputs, running at 96kHz to give a bandwidth of over 30kHz and a dynamic range in excess of 116dB. Each input channel has a 28-band graphic equalizer, in addition to 8 bands of fully parametric equalization. Each output path features up to 9 parametric sections, in addition to the crossover filters which themselves now offer slopes from 6dB/Octave up to 48dB/Octave.

Industry standard AES/EBU interfaces are built-in which allow the units to work with both digital inputs, and feed digital output streams. Sample rate converters are included on the inputs, allowing it to accept streams from 32kHz up to 192kHz (output sample rate is fixed 96kHz).The added convenience of the input routing matrix, each of the AES output streams can be any combination of inputs, allowing complete flexibility.

XTA DP446 Specifications:


  • Electronically balanced (transformers optional)
  • AES/EBU (selectable) fitted as standard to all Series 4 units
  • Impedance >10k ohms
  • CMRR >65dB 50Hz - 10kHz


  • All electronically balanced (transformers optional)
  • AES/EBU fitted as standard to all Series 4 units
  • Source Imp < 60ohms
  • Minimum Load 600ohm
  • Maximum Level +20dBm into 600 ohm load
  • Sampling Rate DP428 – Up to 96kHz internal, up to 192kHz can be accepted and converted.
  • Frequency Response ±0.5dB 10Hz - 32kHz
  • Dynamic Range >116dB 20Hz -20kHz. 
  • Distortion < 0.001% @ 1kHz, +10dBm
  • Maximum Delay 650 mS. (increment 0.325 µs steps)
  • Output gain Adjustable +15dB to -40dB in 0.1 dB steps and mute


  • Filters Parametrics - 8 Per input / 9 per output
  • Additional filters 28-band graphic on each input
  • Each parametric can be switched to Bandpass, Allpass, Notch, VariQ, Shelf and Elliptical response
  • Phase filtering - 2 degree steps on each input and output

Crossover Filters

  • Threshold +22dBu to -10dBu
  • Attack time 0.3 to 90 milliseconds
  • Release time 4, 8, 16 or 32 times the attack time
  • Clip/D-max Limiter Look-ahead attack time,Fast, Medium or Slow release times


  • Inputs 3 pin female XLR
  • Outputs 3 pin male XLR
  • RS485 In/Out XLRs
  • RS232 9 Pin (Female) D Connector


  • Power 3 pin IEC
  • Power 60VAC - 240VAC
  • Consumption < 40 watts
  • Weight 3.5kg. Net (5kg. Shipping)
  • Size 1.75"(1U) x 19" x 12" (44 x 482 x 305mm) excluding connectors