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Yamaha MY-16AT 16ch ADAT I/O expansion card

by Yamaha
£810.00 inc. vat
£675.00 ex. vat
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The Yamaha MY16-AT is a 16-channel ADAT I/O expansion card for Yamaha DM2000 or 02R96 digital consoles.

16-channel ADAT I/O via a Single Slot

The MY16-AT Mini-YGDAI Digital I/O card can be used with Yamaha DM2000 or 02R96 digital consoles to provide up to 16 channels of simultaneous ADAT-format optical input and output via a single expansion slot. All 16 channels can be used independently at sample rates up to 48 kHz, or the MY16-AT can be used for "doublechannel" connection to 24-bit/96-kHz recorders providing 8 channels of I/O at 88.2 or 96 kHz.

Double-channel Connection with 24 bit/ 96-kHz recorders

Although the DM2000 and 02R96 handle 24-bit/96-kHz audio as standard, most of the currently available digital recorders can handle 24 bit/96-kHz audio only in double channel mode (using 2 tracks to make one). In this configuration the DM2000 and 02R96 use one channel for one track, but twice the number of I/O connections must be used. Thus, in double-channel mode a single 16-channel MY16-AT card will handle up to 8 channels of 24-bit/96-kHz audio. With the newest recorders that handle 96-kHz audio as standard (in double speed mode like the 02R96) you can make standard connections using the MY8-AE96 card.