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Yamaha NHB32C - NHB32-C Cobranet Network hub and bridge - B-Stock

by Yamaha
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The Yamaha NHB32-C is a 32 input/32 output channel interface unit for CobraNet and AES/EBU connections. Use the NHB32-C to transfer control signals for the ACU16-C amp control unit, MIDI devices, or remote head amplifier (AD8HR).

Digital Transfer of Up To 32 Input and 32 Output Audio Channels
CobraNet™ is fully compliant with Ethernet, and is a highly practical solution for distributing audio and control data over a common Ethernet infrastructure. The NHB32-C features four separate 8-channel AES/EBU input/output terminals and uses CobraNet™ technology to transfer high-quality 20-bit or 24-bit 48 kHz digital audio over four bundle* paths in real time.

* One bundle contains 8 channels of 20-bit audio, or 7 channels of 24-bit audio.

MIDI, Head Amp Remote (AD8HR, AD824) and Amplifier Control
The NHB32-C is designed to handle not only digital audio, but also control data as well. With this capability the unit can be used for one of three types of control*: MIDI, head amp remote (for the AD824 or AD8HR remote head amplifier / AD converter) or for monitoring and control of Tn and PC-1N power amplifiers connected to the ACU16-C amp control unit

* Only one control type can be used at a time.

Up To Sixty-Four Channels Of Audio with One Ethernet Cable
CobraNet™ can handle up to eight bundles of digital audio in multicast (one-to-all) mode via a single CAT-5/100Base-TX cable. Up to eight NHB32-C units can be networked, with each unit transferring and receiving four bundles, and 64 channels of digital audio can be received from any ACU16-C or NHB32-C on the network via CobraNet™. A networked system with ACU16-C and NHB32-C units is capable of handling up to 64 channels of digital audio. Moreover, multicast and unicast (one-to-one) mode can be used in combination to optimize bandwidth so that more than 64 channels of digital audio data can be transferred on a network system.

Line Duplication for Superior Reliability
Primary and secondary CobraNet™ ports are built into the system, providing an easy-to-use duplicate network for reliable operation. If one system fails, the other takes over seamlessly, ensuring secure, failsafe performance.