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Yellowtec VIP1 Mic processor with mic input (used)

£474.00 inc. vat
£395.00 ex. vat

Yellowtec VIP1 Mic processor with mic input (used)

Note this is a used item

The Yellowtec VIP1 is a voice processor designed to give your audio a unique edge in the competitive radio market. It addresses the challenge of creating distinct sound profiles for voices and music, offering a powerful solution to tailor mic processing and seamlessly integrate it with on-air audio processing.

With VIP/digital, you gain unparalleled control over mic processing with a range of advanced tools, including Smart Detection De-esser and customizable reverb. It even includes a delay line for post-production needs, a feature often absent in similar products.

Forget about the hassle of piecing together different equipment and hoping they work together. VIP/digital streamlines the process with its compact design and user-friendly presets management, allowing each talent to have a personalized sound profile stored on a secure YELLOWTEC SmartCard.

These SmartCards are portable and can be used across different studios, eliminating the need for constant reconfiguration. With up to 50 internal presets stored in each VIP/digital unit, users have the flexibility to access and customize settings according to their needs.


  • Customized sounds for every presenterin every studio environment
  • Fast and secure for self-operators thanks to unique SmartCard concept
  • New features in Version 4.0
  • Compact Hardware Unit (19''/1U/340mm)
  • Studio reference-grade mic preamp
  • Balanced Mic/Line inputs and AES/EBU
  • 24bit AD/DA converters
  • 100 internal presets
  • Ultra-low latency (1,5ms)
  • Sound tailoring with Sound Control Software
  • Powerful tool to create, copy and backup sounds
  • Versatile dynamics: Compressor, Expander, Automatic Gain Control and Final Limiter
  • Built-in Phase Rotation for unsymetric waveforms
  • Excellent De-Esser based on sharpness-analysis via FFT
  • Vip-Verb - high quality reverb