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Harrison 32C Classic Studio Console - 32 Channel with Dante

£105,000.00 inc. vat
£87,500.00 ex. vat

Harrison 32C Classic Studio Console - 32 Channel with Dante

A premium analog mixing console featuring 32 mono mic/line channels, an iconic 32C four-band parametric EQ with adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters, 64 channels of high-quality AD/DA conversion, a Dante AoIP interface, transformer-coupled mic preamps, gold-plated switches, conductive plastic potentiometers, PCB-supported summing buses, and a versatile busing and routing architecture. This console offers options for mono or stereo configuration across eight Bus master channels, five Auxiliary buses, direct Main Mix stereo bus routing, and an "In-Line" record status mode for seamless DAW integration. It also provides comprehensive external routing through a large-format Dante/AD DA interface system, Atmos Monitoring compatibility, built-in DANTE AD and DA converters, and a robust frame design with ergonomic features for DAW peripherals and studio monitors.

Harrison 32C Classic Studio Console Specifications:

  • Classic 32C 4 band EQ with HP and LP filters
  • Transformer balanced Mic preamplifiers
  • Transformer balanced Main Mix output
  • In-line or split recording/monitoring status
  • Balanced Line input, Balanced insert points, Balanced Direct Outputs
  • 100 mm premium faders
  • 8 Multitrack Buses, 4 Aux Sends, Stereo Cue Send
  • 64 channels of premium AD/DA
  • Built-in DANTE AoIP interface (optional extra)
  • 12 Wide Atmos Monitoring (7.1.4)
  • DAW-compatible frame design
  • Instrument input fed from center section
  • Zero Fader Lock/bypass