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Harrison Audio Audio Comp - 500-Series Compressor Module

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Harrison Audio Audio Comp - 500-Series Compressor Module

The Comp module stands out as an exceptionally versatile dynamics processor. It effortlessly serves as a transparent 'leveler' for guitars and vocals, employing a 1:2 ratio with a swift release and applying 2-3 dB of gain reduction. Alternatively, it transforms into an energetic vibe compressor for drums and bass, utilizing a more aggressive ratio and a leisurely release. The Comp 500 Series module is skillfully designed, offering a straightforward and effective compressor for various applications.

Built upon a timeless 'feed-forward' design, the Comp 500 Series module incorporates the exceptional analog performance of a THAT 2180 VCA chip. The Attack of the compressor is program-dependent, dynamically adjusting to the input signal and providing an optimal Attack time based on the source material. Meanwhile, the Release time is adjustable across a continuous range. These versatile parameters empower the Comp module to seamlessly transition from a transparent leveler to an intensely saturated vibe compressor, infusing character and excitement into a diverse array of audio sources.


  • The Harrison sound.
  • Extremely flexible compressor; from transparent ‘leveler’ to ‘character’ comp.
  • Classic feed-forward design.
  • THAT 2180 VCA chip for outstanding analog performance.
  • Program-dependant ‘Attack’ time.
  • Continually variable Release time from ‘Fast’ to ‘Slow’.
  • Input overload LED.
  • Compatible with 500 Series format chassis.