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KS Digital Mainmaster Bundle Cherry 2 x A500 Monitors, B500 Subs and Stands - Pair

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KS Digital Mainmaster Bundle Cherry 2 x A500 Monitors, B500 Subs and Stands - Pair

The ultimate monitoring solution for all applications in the recording, mixing and mastering process.

A total of eight 10“ sub-chassis support the midrange, which offers extreme resolution with the dedicated 3″ dome drivers. The horn-supported high frequency is gently bundled into a wide sweet spot and delivers extremely low-distortion high frequency energy without limits. The result is a Pulse-accurate, time-correct playback with the highest resolution in all level ranges, even in large control rooms.

KSD mainmaster stack for the popular open field setup.

The included KSD-RC allows full access to 6 fully parametric filters, which allows precise adaptation to the setup and listening room. Of course, the A500 with the B500 bass expansion can also be installed as a wall-mounted system with the highest level reserves and accurate tonal reproduction.

Our patented phase-linear FIRTEC (TM) filters build a correct virtual stage in your studio room with full control for perfect placement of individual instruments in the mix.

The tonal neutrality and time accuracy allow it to be used in all areas of professional production processes.

The design of the amplifiers and power supplies ensures extremely low-distortion playback with the lowest possible distortions. Another special feature is the converter-free connection of the 3 PWM power amplifiers, each with 250 W RMS power. This direct connection prevents converter losses and leads to correct resolution.