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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £99 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

SSL E-Series EQ - 500 Series

by SSL
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SSL E-Series EQ - 500 Series 

The SSL E-Series EQ is an EQ module taken from the legendary SL 4000 E console. The E-Series module features two different EQs found in different editions of the console, know as the 'Brown' and 'Black' EQs based on the console colours. At the switch of a button you can choose between the two EQ flavours making the 4 band EQ even more versatile.

Unique response & tonal character

The E-Series EQ Module features two different EQ's found on editions of the console produced between 1981 and 1989. Each EQ has unique response curves and tonal character. Historically the type of EQ fitted in an individual console was distinguished by the colours used on the LF knob caps so the two flavours have become known as the 'Brown' and 'Black' EQ's. On the E Series EQ Module you can switch between these two different flavours of EQ that have been loved by generations of professional producers. 

‘Brown Knob’ EQ

With the BLK button out, the two parametric mid-band sections feature SSL’s classic logarithmically symmetric design ensuring that the ±3dB up/down points retain the same musical interval from the centre frequency regardless of frequency and amplitude settings. The two shelving sections are traditional 6dB/octave designs with an option for a fixed Q parametric response (by way of the BELL button).

‘Black Knob’ EQ

In the mid-eighties a new ‘242’ EQ circuit was developed in conjunction with the legendary George Martin for the first SSL console to be installed in AIR studios. The ‘Black Knob’ EQ, as it became known, featured enhanced cut and boost ranges (±18dB instead of ±15dB) together with a different control law for tighter control of low frequencies.


  • Immortal SSL 4000 E Series circuitry
  • Black-242 and Brown-02 twin EQ design
  • Versatile 4 band channel EQ
  • Bell curve option on HF and LF
  • Fully parametric LMF and HMF with Q
  • Based on classic 611E console channel strip