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SSL Duality Delta 48 Channel Studio Mixing Console with DAW Control - £POA

by SSL
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SSL Duality Delta 48 Channel Studio Mixing Console with DAW Control - £POA

The SSL Duality Delta 48 marks the introduction of Delta-Control, a completely new analogue console automation platform for SSL studio technology that unites the very best of automation in the analogue console domain with DAW based workflow.

The SSL Duality Delta is firmly established as the industry standard for large-scale professional audio production worldwide. Akin to previous generations of classic SSL consoles, Duality achieves success by enabling engineers and producers to work quickly and ergonomically, as well as delivering superior sonic results. Duality’s innovative hybrid approach has found many fans, by combining a traditional analogue path and signal processing along with exceptional DAW control and integration, all within a single hardware surface.


  • Comprehensive DAW Workstation Control: Hardware control over two DAWs simultaneously with high speed Ethernet connectivity.
  • Fader Control From The Sweet Spot: 8 group faders and master fader focus, enable you make level adjustments and solos from the centre of the console.
  • Constant Visual Feedback: New look Channel TFT screens deliver complete optical feedback of channels status, processing, routing etc, and the innovative Eyeconix icons.
  • Multi Operator Total Recall: With channel Autoscan, utilizing the welcome real estate of the TFT screens, allowing more than one operator to recall the console.
  • Logictivity Session Management: Elegant console project management via a standard computer using the java based SSL Logicitivity Duality Remote Browser.


  • Beautiful, precise SSL SuperAnalogue™ mix bus: Near linear phase, flat frequency response, 0.005% THD, exceptionally low noise floor, ultra-wide stereo imaging
  • Dual Mic Pre’s - SuperAnalogueTM & VHD: From the purity of your microphone through to creative distortion and all the stops in between through the versatile Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) circuit.
  • SSL Bus Compressor: The classic SSL master bus compressor can work in Stereo or 5.1 mode, with useful side-chain functions for complete control.
  • Classic SSL Processing on every channel: Each channel strip features a compressor/gate, high and low pass filters and EQ (switchable between E/G series curves).


  • Delta-Control Automation: Seamless integration with all the benefits of classic SSL analogue console automation and DAW based workflow.
  • On Board SSL Automation: The traditional SSL automation system with all of the much loved SSL modes.


  • Split Signal Flow Channel Architecture: Unique dual path channel architecture provides unrivaled flexibility for placing processing in the record/monitor paths.
  • Flexible Bussing: 3 stereo mix busses and 24 track busses for flexible routing. Internal busing feature allows patch-free sub groups by allowing channels inputs to be sourced from track bus outputs.
  • Complete 5.1 Surround Support: Full range of monitor calibration and setup options for today’s surround productions.


  • A range of frame sizes: Available in 24, 48, 72 & 96 fader configurations, expandable in bays of 24 (up to 96) and with producer and patch options. This listing is for the 48 fader frame.
  • Duality Pro-Station Option: A winged layout for producer/engineers who wish to conduct their DAW session editing/arrangement and audio mixing from a single central position.

Classic SSL console benefits without the overheads of a vintage console: Reduced overall power consumption demands, minimized requirement for air conditioning and controlled maintenance costs (via standard warranties and available service contracts) all contribute to reduced overall running costs.

While Duality offers a powerful, comprehensively equipped large format analogue console, it also goes further than any other analogue console by integrating seamlessly into a DAW-based facility by incorporating hands-on control of important recording, routing, mixing, and editing functions in all major DAW applications including Pro Tools®, Logic Audio®, Nuendo®, Sonar® and many others. 

In the console Centre Section the DAW Control Panel includes a high quality TFT to display DAW status and Plug-in parameters, plus additional console set-up information. Below this is the DAW HUI Plug-in/Process Controller - four rotary encoders auto mapped from the DAW with integral push-push switches, and four assign keys. Two additional keys are for page up/down control. The Plug-in Editor is assigned via the channel SEL switches in conjunction with the EDIT switch. Plug-ins can also be controlled via the faders by using the Mackie Control protocol. 

Users can assign DAW channel levels, send levels and routing functions to individual channel rotary encoders with rotary LED level display. Channel and Send levels can be "flipped" on to the main channel fader. Duality features a DAW panel in the console centre section with five vertical buttons (the Window Select Keys) allow for quick access to the most commonly used DAW windows such as the edit/arrange window or the DAW mixer window. The four uppermost buttons duplicate commonly used keyboard functions on a standard computer keyboard, including ESCAPE, UNDO, SAVE and ENTER. The lower four buttons shadow the keyboard modifier keys. In combination these buttons can remove the need for a keyboard and mouse for almost all tasks. The DAW control panel includes a Master Rotary Encoder, together with six function keys and a 2-digit display. 

Dedicated transport buttons allow easy access to PLAY, RECORD, REWIND, FAST FORWARD and STOP buttons. A further 10 buttons are available for various commonly used shortcut keys. Controls are included for simple zooming, navigation and selection of DAW objects. The jog/shuttle wheel supports scrub and track navigation functionality. 

The Duality Logictivity Remote Browser Software simplifies session management. Project data is saved onto the on board SD Card. Archived console data can be treated as standard computer data and sent via email, transferred to a USB stick, etc., greatly simplifying data exchange between sessions. The software allows the console to connect to a standard computer via a simple Ethernet connection. The browser software is a Java application that runs on both Mac and PC. Currently supported functionality includes the saving, naming and restoration of Total RecallTM, the ability to add names to the channels' scribble strips and a number of other studio session project management tools.