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Studiocare Hi-Fi Silver Core - Male XLR to RCA Interconnects (Pair)

£199.99 inc. vat
£166.66 ex. vat

Studiocare Hi-Fi Silver Core MXLR to RCA

The Studiocare Hi-FI Silver Core is a microphone cable with a male soundcraft XLR to a Neutrik RCA connector designed and assembled by our in house engineers to offer an unrivaled signal transmission, using 0.6mm fully annealed 99.99% solid core silver for the 2 signal wires, which are air insulated in a PTFE Teflon sleeve. The Cores are loosely twisted and a copper connection between at both ends to mechanically ruggedised and protect the silver cores. These cables are ideal to be used as Hi-Fi interconnects to give a true, full range signal, likewise they can be used as a studio microphone cable when capturing the sound source in its purest form is paramount.