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Free UK Mainland Delivery for Orders Over £99

Studiocare Hook and Loop Velcro Cable Tie - Pack of 50

£10.80 inc. vat
£9.00 ex. vat
Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days.

Studiocare Cable Tie

Our Pack of 50 Studiocare Cable Ties are designed for long term use, these ties are made from high quality Nylon and feature international quality Velcro that provides outstanding grip, so once you have your cables in place you know they will stay in their desired position for long term use.

You can wrap our cable ties around your studio cables, or just leave them lying about the place, until the moment you really need a cable tie, and then you have no idea where that one you left lying around is, so buy more, buy 100, and leave them in various convenient locations, so when you need to tie up a cable in an emergency, you know Studiocare hook and loop Velcro cable ties will be there to save to day.