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Studiocare Low Profile Female XLR to TA3F Cable

£56.28 inc. vat
£46.90 ex. vat

Studiocare Low Profile Female XLR to TA3F Cable

The XLR to TA3F (Mini XLR F) cable is a low profile connector cable perfect for location recordings or small studios, when using wireless systems or other devices with TA3F outputs to your location recorder or interface. Made from high quality Klotz MY204 cable, Cable Techniques XLR and Rean mini XLR these cable are built to provide you with reliable connectivity for year to come. Their low profile design helps maintain an organised and safe workflow. These cables come in a variety of colours so you know what cable is carrying what signal helping you avoid making adjustments the wrong channel.



  • Robust metal housing with best flex relief
  • Shielded system – high noise immunity and EMI protection
  • Intuitive and rugged locking mechanism provides secure locking system
  • Millionfond proven chuck type strain relief – up to 4.00 mm cable diameter
  • Keyed insert and strain relief to avoid mispositioning / rotation of insert respectively cable


  • Low-Profile XLR 3-pin Female Connector
  • Adjustable Multi-angle side cable exit matte Black shell with gold pins. 
  • Only 25mm of exposed length in use. 
  • Available in 10 interchangeable Cap colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Gray, Purple and Brown.